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Re: [Fwd: Re: Y2K and Chicken Little]

Jim O'Donnell wrote:
> Yes, but what about your software???? I have some program/database/log
> programs that only have a spot for the last 2 digits of the year. Better
> check those on your computer...


This problem seems to be actually two issues.

The first is if the program does date calculations that involve the
year and only uses the last two digits of the year to do it.

The second is following the new standard of displaying the four digit
year.  This is due to most people thinking 00 is 1900. 8->

So my various operating systems may not be Y2K complaint because I
have them set to two digit dates. Time and date is kept by the
number of seconds since an epoch so that is not a problem.

When I did a keps program for Quiktrak eons ago, I noticed that
date and time was stored in seconds since January 1, 1956.  I changed
my time to 2000 and it seemed to still work but I did not test to see
if the 2000 leap year was correct.  The problem will be if the
format of the 2 line keps change so the old programs cannot
read it.

Being a programmer I find it difficult to take this Y2K bug seriously
sometimes because of some of the claims being made.  Alot of programs
time and date only as a time stamp (or do not use date and time at all),
but people are claiming that these systems are likely to be inoperative
when 2000 rolls around.

73 Eric eac@shore.net
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