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TMSAT Status

TMSAT commissioning is proceeding rather slowly due to a number of reasons.  We have been operating the transmitter only over Bangkok, and over the last few days this has been extended to operations over Surrey.

We are presently loading the OBC software again following a software upset.  TMSAT is using a number of new tasks that have not previously been used before, and this may taking some time to get fully operational in orbit.  These tasks are used to interact with the new OBC hardware systems such as the CAN bus distributed telemetry and telecommand system.

Dues to its proximity to the equator, the groundstation in Bangkok only sees the satellite for 4 or 5 passes per day, and at this early operations stage, the low passes are not useful for many tasks, leaving us only 3 or 4 passes to perform operations.

Once the software is reloaded (in the next day or so) the attitude stabilisation will resume, with the aim to deploy the gravity gradient boom late this week.  Following this, other payloads will be tested.

Chris Jackson G7UPN / ZL2TPO

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