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[Fwd: Re: Y2K and Chicken Little]

Ladies and Gentlemen. While this is from a specific  interest group,this
concern should be first and formost in every  ones list of things to
do.Ask your druggist,your doctor and Hospital if thet are ready for
YK2.And if they ask what are talking about, by al means eplain it to
them. my suggestion is took make yourself as well versed as you can
possibly can. If you see something on the web download it t read up on
sometthing hat will ffect everybody,enen tos that fdo otown a compiter. 
THanks Craig N2MNA OSR DX EDitor.

The sky is not falling, but I have begun to make it a point to ask every
financial and medical source that we deal with if they are prepared for
managing year 2000. This accomplishes two things:

 1. They are made aware of the problem if this is news to them. And it
    tells them their customers have a valid concern.

 2. I can change our affairs from slaggards to more savvy providers.

This is a world-wide problem and not every medical, trading or financial
partner is up to speed. Concern yes, paranoia? not yet. My husband does
not need the stress of wondering if our assets will vanish, or if our
doctor's newly computerized records will evaporate.

Martha (CG for Neal, 78/13)