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Sat. Antenna Question.

I'm new to satellites.  I've built a cross Yagi for 436 mhz and after trimming
driven elements each individual yagi antenna gives a swr of 1.05:1 at the
design freq
of 436,850 mhz. When paralleled, the yagi combination resonates at 441 (+) mhz
with a swr of a little over 2:1.  Spacing of the 2 yagi's was a calculated 1/4
wave distance of 6-3/4".

Can the swr be improved by changing the physical distance between yagis or is
it the natural interaction of the two yagis? What do I change to get the
resonant freq down to 436.850 mhz?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you. de Sid AH6HH.
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