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Re: July/Aug Amsat Journal Y2K article

Nothing to be scared of. Quite the contrary. I have upgraded 3 machines, all
went flawlessly. All my apps run faster under 98 than 95a.

I use LogSat, WinAPRS, assorted uSoft products, Lotus SmartSuite, lotsa ham
programs, both windows and dos. All work as before, except faster,
especially all screen updating.

I was a long time user of Netscape Navigator (many years) and NS
Communicator (latest version). I have been so pleased with IE 4.x and
Outlook Express (mail and news), that NS no longer takes up any hard disk

Also, when I installed Win98, it did NOT take over my NS browser and email
client as some earlier versions of IE 4.x had done to people ...it left them
as dominant, if that is what they were to begin with. I had to manually
change to them as the default browser, mailer, and news reader. Unusual
restraint for Microsoft, given their history.

Make sure you have NOTHING running that is not ABSOLUTELY essential when you
install. Take EVERYTHING out of your startup folder because it will reboot 3
times during install. Unload and disable or uninstall ALL VIRUS programs.

When you do a ctrl-alt-del to get the task list, you should have only two
things running, Explorer and SysTray...anything is should not be running
when you go to install.

If you follow these precautions, you can expect the same easy install that I
experienced on my 3 machines. 73,

sorry for the semi-off topic post, but there are probably a bunch of people
on the sig wondering the same thing and given historical problems people
have had with O/S upgrades, I thought I would help.

hasan schiers

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>Bruce, perhaps you did a typo (as I did), but the suggestion (a good one)
>in the article was to set the date format to "yyyy-mm-dd" instead of
>"mmm-dd-yyyy" as you note.  Is that just a typo, or will Win98 do it either
>Another question ... how is Win98 doing?  I'm always leery of jumping into
>new major pieces of software, and you can't *get* much more 'major' than
>the Operating System .. Hi!  What major applications do you regularly use?
>Excel?  WORD? Viseo? OrCAD? PowerPoint?  If you've had no trouble with
>those, then I might grit my teeth and take the plunge.
>How about any of you other folks out there?  Any Win98 input for us
>'scaredy cats'?
>Tnx,  Ron  W0PN/3
>i just changed my date format to mmm-dd-yyyy. i am using win98 which
>uses the same format as win95 version b. you do have an earlier version,
>the 'a' version. 'a' also uses a 16bit fat table. by changing to win98, you
>can also change your hard drive to 32bit fat which has much faster
>access time.
>that is why i upgraded all my machines from win95 ver a. to win98.
>about the leap year in 2000. i write software and my customers have sent
>me year 2000 compliance documents. one question always included is
>will it show 2/29/2000 as a leap year. we did not have a leap year this
>year, 1998. since you cannot have a leap year in odd years, that would
>make the last leap year 1996. (if it were 1994, then we would have had a
>leap year this year). so 2000 would be the next one.
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