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Re: July/Aug Amsat Journal Y2K article

Bruce, perhaps you did a typo (as I did), but the suggestion (a good one)
in the article was to set the date format to "yyyy-mm-dd" instead of
"mmm-dd-yyyy" as you note.  Is that just a typo, or will Win98 do it either

Another question ... how is Win98 doing?  I'm always leery of jumping into
new major pieces of software, and you can't *get* much more 'major' than
the Operating System .. Hi!  What major applications do you regularly use?
Excel?  WORD? Viseo? OrCAD? PowerPoint?  If you've had no trouble with
those, then I might grit my teeth and take the plunge.

How about any of you other folks out there?  Any Win98 input for us
'scaredy cats'?

Tnx,  Ron  W0PN/3

i just changed my date format to mmm-dd-yyyy. i am using win98 which
uses the same format as win95 version b. you do have an earlier version,
the 'a' version. 'a' also uses a 16bit fat table. by changing to win98, you
can also change your hard drive to 32bit fat which has much faster
access time.

that is why i upgraded all my machines from win95 ver a. to win98.

about the leap year in 2000. i write software and my customers have sent
me year 2000 compliance documents. one question always included is
will it show 2/29/2000 as a leap year. we did not have a leap year this
year, 1998. since you cannot have a leap year in odd years, that would
make the last leap year 1996. (if it were 1994, then we would have had a
leap year this year). so 2000 would be the next one.



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