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RE: Two Drake MMDS questions

        For crystals for the Drake, the 20 pf is probably still a good
number. Actually, it doesn't seem too critical, since I used a cheap (like
$1.38) microprocessor crystal and it worked fine, first time. Don't get too
hung up on series, parallel, etc. as most will work (yes, a series resonant
crystal will work in a parallel circuit and vice versa); it's just that the
exact resonant frequency will change some, but not much.
        I've not understood exactly why people were so quick to disable the
DC feed through the RF cable. It works fine and the apporpriate parts are
included with the converter. Much easier than running a separate wire to a
feedthrough, etc.. I even set my own homebrew weather preamp up for DC
through the cable. Works. OK, the purests will talk about deterioration of
connector center pin gold plating from continuous DC, but this is an F
connector and the commercial stuff has worked this way for years. And we're
talking  a few milliamps here. 
        Have fun!
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