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Re: Gentle reminder

Hi Andrew and folks on the Amsat-bb reflector,

Yes you are right, many people around the world pay two different bills, one
for the phone costs and these are without a doubt the biggest killer with
costs by the minute or even seconds if you are unlucky, and then there is the
cost of the Internet provider. There are a few of these that are free, but
these are very limited in what they provide and area they work too.

But the biggest problem by far is that many have to down load their mail at
very slow rates, one because of the slow modem, but others because the phone
lines are very arcade. A dear friend in ZP land as to use a mobile phone with
a unpredicable government controlled link that might last 30 seconds to may be
if he is lucky 2 or 3 minutes. There are no or very little chance of phone
lines to him for the next few years.

For me I am fortunate that I have a 56K modem that is working at 45,333 baud
downloading and uploading at only 24,000 baud due to the exchange and
phoneline. I believe that in the States you only pay a monthly rate for local
phone calls, well here last month I paid over 300 dollars for just local calls
without the long distance which is over 25 miles.

So please folks, give a hearty thought for the people that pay through the
nose for what is a great forum of information. We do listen with interest to
what is happening in your part of the world, but please don't snow us under
with the mail. And yes, we too are going through the very same changes as you,
and many of our amateurs feel the same way as you do too, but we don't have
this type of forum to shout about our's that I know about.

Also remember no matter how much sabre rattling you do, it will not stop any
government unless you have a majority of the voting public with you in your
fight, and also that we are not paying for the frequencies yet, either!

Good luck with yours

Chris J Dixon
South Wales

In a message dated 25/07/98 19:07:00 GMT,  ahardy@velocity.net writes:
<< Ladies and Gentlemen:
 This msg. is just a gentle reminder to those of you discussing the
 various ARRL proposals, etc.
 There is nothing wrong with it, nor am I complaining about "on/off
 topic" - I would however remind everyone, that of the hundreds and
 perhaps even thousands of subscribers to this -bb outside of North
 America, are in most cases on a "metered" on-line basis.  I am asking
 all of you to please be considerate of our overseas membership who must
 pay dearly for the privilege to be on line.
 Thank you one and all.
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