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Wisp and DSP-12 help/advice urgently required

Hi Everyone

I lost all my parameters from my DSP-12 over the weekend and as it has been
over 12 months since I last set them up and my head being  like a sivv I
have forgotten what I did last time I had the same problem, this was baout
12-15 months ago.

My problem is that I can download 100% without any apparent problems at all
but when I try to upload no matter what size smal, large or very large file
that I attempt to upload I can get it all up but the very last 55bytes.

The Last 55bytes of any message no matter how many attempts or retries will
not leave here.

I am using a LL Grace DSP-12 with WISP that has been running perfectly for
the past 12-15 months with out a hitch at all. I have made NO changes to
WISP but I accidently lost my entire WISP parameters over the weekend.

Had the excact same problem with the DSP-12 about 15 months ago some one
gave me a fix then and I just can not remember what it was.

If you can advise or help with this WISP/DSP-12 problem please do let me
know ASAP.

I repeat I have made no change to WISP the problem lies within the DSP-12

Thanks in advance

Brian VK4BBS

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