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Re: OFF Topic query....

John- With your rig, you can work Mode JA birds (Fo-20 and FO-29) They
are 2M up, 70CM down. You can also uplink on 2M to Mode A (RS-12) and can
receive the down link if you have a 10M receiver.

When the rest of these folks are done preaching gloom and doom they can
tell you far more than I, but I can say that I work my 2M uplink with a
2M Eggbeater antenna made by M Squared. Downlink (10M for Mode A ) can be
received quite well on a dipole. My 435 downlink is by a Cushcraft
AR-270. It's a bit marginal, but OK on CW.

Others will tell you you must have beams and other stuff, but I'm getting
results on the antennas described.
Use GOOD coax on 2M and 70cm. I use RG-213 and Belden 9913.

Hpe this helps, and let me know if I can add more.

Doug AB8CJ

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