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Re: Re[2]: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

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> Sorry, Rich...you need to do a little more research.  YOU check out those
> calls (if they even give one) of those frequency abusers--they are not the
> old timers you implicate so readily.

   Facts speak louder than opinions, so you might want to gather one or
two before you make baseless statements.  The last time I bothered to check, 
on July 2, 1998, we have:

   Extra, licensed 1963
   Extra, licenced 1954
   Extra, licensed 1954
   Extra, licensed 1985
   Advanced, licensed 1971
   General, licensed 1994
   General, licensed 1963
   General, licensed 1961

  Even if we exclude the 1994-licensed ham, how, precisely, are YOU
defining "old-timer?"  Most all of them were licensed before the 1968
changes, and have been hams for more than 30 years.  Seems pretty
definitive to me.

- Rich

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