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ARRL Proposal Debate

When I was in the US Navy(too many years ago to think about), we low 
level peons had a saying: "US Navy - 200 years of TRADITION, unmarred by 

I certainly hope Ham Radio doesn't wind up in that category. Seems like 
every time a new proposal about Ham Radio comes along(remember NoCode?, 
which by the way got me in to Ham Radio, and I'm now Advanced class) the 
doom sayers go into a spin and say "THIS will be the death of Ham 
Radio!" And of course it isn't. Change for the sake of change should be 
avoided, but change in the hobby is inevitable. And remember this is 
ONLY a proposal by ARRL. FCC has their own from what I've read; maybe 
ARRL's should be looked at as a counter-proposal. 

For or against it let ARRL know. If it gets put on the docket, Let FCC 
know. Let your elected officials know. As the saying goes "If you're not 
part of the SOLUTION, you're part of the PROBLEM".

   72 de N8PVZ

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