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Food for thought

Recently, Stephen J McCarthy at email address w0sjm@juno.com sent the 

>Well from where I sit it sure did take the focus off all the freq's the
>land mobile folks are after.
>Give it some thought!

While we are being a tad paranoid, here is another possible one:

Any connection between the launch problems of Phase3D and what the FCC 
(Congress) wants us to have ultimately?  Phase3D would certainly lock in 
the vhf/uhf frequencies and above; now wouldn't it?  At least for a 
decade more.  Coincidence that a promised launch vehicle suddenly became 
unavailable?  Hmmmmm.  Food for thought.

I hate these kind of coincidences.  But then again, this is just more of 
a tad of being paranoid.  Isn't it?  Hmmmmm.

By the way, my comments about the restructuring which were sent to the 
ARRL as well as to my Director and Vice-Director were not responded to as 
of yet.  I wonder if they are busy?

Rees Roberts - K9UUT
Racine, WI

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