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I tried very hard to keep from entering into this rhubarb
about "I did the the hard way" to getting it handed to you
on a silver platter........ w/o any effort ....... old friend K7RR,
put it in perspective very aptly with his statement, "The 
joy of accomplishment" - pure and simple.  I've been
dinging with ham radio since 1929 - a time when you
had to wait for someone else to come home from school
so you could have a QSO (80 meters). Depression kids
couldn't afford tubes that operated above that frequency
unless you took the base off the tube. To this stage when
we think nothing of shooting a signal up to passing bird
and having a chat with a friend half way around the world.
Isn't there something more to ham radio than flaming
back and forth about relatively simple, unimportant things?
 . . . . . . . .  Nick  . . . . w0ca  . . . .  1st satellite qso OSCAR 3
March 15, 1965 . . . . . .

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