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Re: First time hearing OSCAR 10

Douglas F. Bowling wrote:

> OK Mike, I used to use RS-15, but it had gotten so weak on the downlink
> that I couldn't hear it. Thanx for the encouraging report.
> Doug AB8CJ

Encouraging???  Well, this last pass, about 15 min ago, was a bust.
1/2 the time, I couldn't find my own downlink.  On CW even!!!
I thought I heard a N1 xxx in SSB, but not sure.  It was poor at
best.  Here is what I run.

Uplink:  Icom IC-820H, ~50 watts CW, Tri-band (50-144-440)
J-pole @ 30ft.

Downlink:  Icom IC-781, T2FD folded dipole@ 50 ft, Radio Shack
900MHz headphones.

Admittidly, not great antennae, but the G-5400B is on the floor,
waiting for a Glen Martin 9ft roof-top tower to live on hi hi.
With 2m/70cm cir yagi in the yard, I'll be set.  (Someday)

Better luck with RS-12!!!

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.

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