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Re: Box-tops ("did it the hard way")

You bet Bill.  The loosers are those that do not understand the joy
of accomplishment of having done a reasonably good job and obtained
reasonably good return for the effort.  Personally, I'm over the "hump"
having Extra number 9. If we could only understand the hidden aspects
whether technical, operating, or CW, is NOT the primary question, but
rather the accomplishment that is obtained by EFFORT rather than
intimidation!  The lowering of quality will never, NEVER solve the
problem!!            Cliff K7RR

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, Bill Ford wrote:

> In spite of my callsign, I'm an extra class operator. I too "did it 
> the hard way". I'm an ARRL VE and for a time after the last 
> restructuring (code-free techs) our VE team did not give tests. After 
> about six months, we looked at the situation again and decided to 
> give it a try. The result was that we have tested a large number of 
> code-free techs and most have go to be valued members of our amateur 
> radio community. Many have upgraded their licenses. 
> I think the biggest losers in this whole thing are those who may 
> never have the opportunity of taking and passing the 20 wpm code 
> test. Remember the rush and exhiliration that you got when the 
> examiner nodded his head that you had passed?
> My biggest objection to the whole thing that those of us who "did it 
> the hard way" will no longer recognized for the accomplishment. 
> Perhaps if the FCC continued to renew "EXTRA" class licenses while 
> issuing the class "A" license to those who now upgrade. 
> I was through this once before with the FCC. I held a First Class 
> Commercial License, then the FCC dropped that class and lumped all 
> the holders of the Second Class and First Class licenses into a new 
> "General" class commercial license.
> Finally, let's all remember that this is ONLY a PROPOSAL. It has a 
> long way to go before it becomes law. I see from the comments that 
> people believe that ARRL and AMSAT are the mysterious nebuluous 
> "THEY".  As in "They did this" or "they did that".  WE ARE "THEY".
> At this point, if you have ideas on this PROPOSAL a well though 
> response instead of a knee-jerk reaction is in order. Let your ARRL 
> director know how you feel. The ARRL directors are doing exactly what 
> they are "PAID" to do. The have run an idea up the flagpole. Now 
> let's see which way the wind blows.
> 73
> Bill, WB5SXK
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