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Re: First time hearing OSCAR 10

Darren Rainer wrote:

> Strange thing is that I could still hear the beacon on 145.810MHz
> When the satellite was at -4 degrees elevation.

Since the satellite sems to be in a normal orbit, I would suspectthat the
time needs to be set in your computer.  At some parts
of the orbit, timing can be critical.

> Is this normal to
> Hear on such a basic setup. I will be getting a 2m beam very soon
> And a good pre-amp after hearing these signals.

I too have heard it on a tri-band J-pole, but that is not the norm,and you
were probabally hearing only the strongest stations.

> Also I have been
> Monitoring RS15 but nobody seems to be using it. The beacon has been
> S7 as it passes over but couldn't hear anybody

I have called CQ in SSB and CW over several RS-15 Passes.  I toohave heard
nothing but silence in reply.  What a shame!!!  Maybe we
can work each other on it ?!?!?!

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.

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