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Re: Box-tops ("did it the hard way")

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From: Mike West (WL7BQM) <wl7bqm@ptialaska.net>
Date: Wednesday, July 22, 1998 11:19 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Box-tops

>    Too bad that I worked so hard to up-grade, if I had just waited, the
>arrl would have given my ticket to me.
>     I'm one dumb, Extra class ham who did it the hard way. But I'll
> know
>that I earned my ticket, and the ME first guys who had their ticket given
>them, will never know the pride of working hard for something.    ( did you
>ever notice that they all tell you how smart they are, but can't learn a
>simple thing like code)

... "did it the hard way" ...

Look back a bit ... before VE's were established in the USA....  To get an
Amateur Extra license, an applicant had to: (1) Be at least a General Class
holder for at least 2 years  (2) Pass a written test before an FCC examiner
(the questions and answers were not published in the public domain to make
it a memory test)  (3)  Pass a 20 WPM code test in front of an FCC examiner,
and get a solid 1 minute copy out of 5 minutes (no easy fill in the blank
questions) (4) Demonstrate to the FCC examiner that you could send morse
code at 20 WPM.

The American guys and gals who "earned their ticket" this way might argue
that those who got their tickets under the American VE system did not do it
the hard way!  Reducing the requirements for American amateur licenses has
been going on for a long, long time.   Long before this latest proposal by
the ARRL.

Dennis - N4NR

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