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First time hearing OSCAR 10

Hi all, I was amazed last night to be tuning around 145.900 Mhz and 
Hearing signals from Ohio and Florida. The thing that surprised me
Was I was only using a small vertical 2m antenna without a pre-amp.
InstaTrak was running and I monitored the position of UO10. The
Strange thing is that I could still hear the beacon on 145.810MHz
When the satellite was at -4 degrees elevation. Is this normal to
Hear on such a basic setup. I will be getting a 2m beam very soon
And a good pre-amp after hearing these signals. Also I have been
Monitoring RS15 but nobody seems to be using it. The beacon has been
S7 as it passes over but couldn't hear anybody. Rig here by the way
Is the FT847 which I am very impressed with.
Hope to be joining AMSAT soon and really getting into the sat business.
73s de Darren G4VTQ Burgess Hill,West Sussex,(Southern England).
Tel 01403 214411
Fax 01403 214420
Email darren.rainer@eyretel.com

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