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Re: RE: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

But with all the big shots trying to take away the spectrum why not make a
license and forget code to get  more people on the air and not lose  what we
have now or let every one fight and lose out all together ??????    just a
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From: Rich Mulvey <mulveyr@mulveyr.roc.servtech.com>
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Date: Wednesday, July 22, 1998 7:05 PM
Subject: FW: RE: [amsat-bb] ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

>On 22-Jul-98 Boza, Tom wrote:
>> I think the easier Code requirements cheapens the ticket.
>   It would cheapen the ticket only if CW still continued to offer an
>contribution to the stated goals of the Amateur Service, which are:
>    "To provide a trained pool of operators" - the military and commercial
>sectors no longer use Morse for "daily", and even emergency operations.
>    "To advance the state of the art" - Obviously, CW does absolutely
>in that regard.
>    "To foster international goodwill and fellowship" - SSB and other
>modes do just as much in that regard, which pretty much eliminates the
>rationale for having a *mode-specific* test that results in a pass or fail
>the exam.
>   Now, that being said, CW does have a special place in that it provides a
>great deal of personal pleasure to some people - myself included - in being
>able to operate in that mode.  Personal pleasure, however, is not a
>reason to permit or deny the use of a Federal license to someone.
>> I like the idea of making the written exams tougher, technically, but I
>> would like to see more questions about proper operating procedure.
>   Absolutely, on both counts.  At this point, the written exams are truly
>joke.  They can, and are, easily memorized.  The schematics used on the
>Advanced test, for example, are simplistic enough that 4 year olds can
>"That diode is for DC blocking" without ever understanding what DC blocking
>actually means.  In the larger scheme of things, proper operating practices
>really what affect the daily use of Amateur Radio.  In that context, it
>sense to concentrate on making sure that people REALLY know how to
>correctly, in any given mode.
>- Rich
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