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Re: Any others?

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Jeff Johns wrote:

> With the exception of Mir, are there any other satellites than can be worked
> via 2M FM packet at either 300 or 1200bps?

Dont overlook AO16 (and maybe IO-26) which is currently permitting 2m
FM 1200 baud FM packet uplinks of APRS position reports from mobiles and
cross country travelers.  The idea is that your mobile can transmit your
GPS position/status say once a minute during a pass and then the satellite
will digipeat that to a few groundstations that are linked into the APRS
network.  THus anyone can track you by checking into the WEB site at 
www.aprs.net.  And all you need is a 2m FM mobile rig and a TNC. AND....

You have to make a $3 mod to the TNC so that it will transmit manchester
tones instead of AFSK tones.  THis is simply  taking an 89 cent
XOR chip to combine the TXD and CLOCK into an output to your MIC
connector.  Thus anyone can uplink to the satellite with only a simple
mod.  BUT YOU CANNOT RECEIVE the downlink without a serious all mode
satelite station.  That is why the downlink is being fed to the internet
by a few special stations so that everyone can see it...

Check details at http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html

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