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Re: "New OSCAR subband" in ARRL 2 meter bandplan

Dear Cap,

On 22 Jul 98, at 21:40, Cap Pennell wrote:

>Can somebody please give me some information about the HISTORY of the "New
>OSCAR subband" part (144.30-144.50) of the ARRL 2 meter suggested
>bandplan? When was it created?  What was its intended purpose?  When did
>it start being shown as part of the ARRL's suggested bandplan? Thanks in
>advance. 73, Cap KE6AFE -- Cap Pennell Santa Cruz, CA 95062-1002      

I do not recall all details anymore, when the subband was created..

The 2m subband was used on AO-13 for the first time for the additional Mode-
JL Uplink. It allowed to use the 23cm and the 2m Uplink both at the same time..
This uplink was installed mostly in purpose for and by request of many east 
european countries, where 23cm uplink was too difficult or not available due to 
other constraints. The reason why choosing the lower subband was, that many 
amateurs in these countries had SSB equipment, which would not cover the 
145.800-146.000 upper band..  
Unfortunatly the 144.30-144.50 subband was not available in all IARU and used
by Meteorscatter. We got a lot of flames for that, even in our own country..  
After a lot of pressure and IARU complaints, we had finally to turn off Mode-J 
for ever.. ;(

73s Peter, DB2OS

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