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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Response

I usually stay out of these discussions but a lot of band-width is being spent on this subject. In my opinion, everything is subject to change. It appears that the licensing issue is being attached to the CW requirement and the lines are being drawn in the sand again.

Some feel we need the code, others feel that we don't. Others feel the tests are too easy and others think they are too hard. Some feel the code makes the person and others think the code breaks them. And no matter how they separate the new licensing classes, someone always feels they are not getting a fair shake.

In short, nothing proposed will please everyone, including the people who came up with the breakdowns. So, lets focus our opinions on the proposals and comments, where they will do the most and where it counts and lets move on. O.K.?

I may have a general class now, but I plan to upgrade in the future under whatever rules apply at the time and I think it's foolish to delay any upgrade preparation because of the restructure possibility.

But, everyone is entitled to their opinion and may the largest voice be raised in support of Ham Radio and it's future, and not out of personal opinion/bias on how to up-grade without really trying under the definitions of the restructure or future testing requirements. Standards regardless of how hard it was in the past or how easy it will be in the future need to be fair, show a specific level of competence, encourage involvement in the hobby and just be Fun. 73's ---- Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA. To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe amsat-bb" to Majordomo@amsat.org