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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:

> Red Johnson wrote:
> > I guess I would be one of the sour pusses who wonders, why did I bother to
> > upgrade to General?  An automatic upgrade to priviliges of General by having
> > passed the Novice test?
> Not quite.  Novice, plus Tech, plus 5wpm code.  Thats alot more than just"the novice
> test"

Not quite yourself.  Since when did a novice need to pass the Tech written?

> > I guess the pride a lot of us felt in passing the General wasn't well founded if
> > it will become meaningless under the proposed rule changes.
> Boo Hoo.  I am an extra.  It took me from 1972 in high school till 1990 justbefore I
> shipped to the gulf war to get to 20wpm.  I stagnated for years
> at tech cause I didn't want the 13wpm bad enough.  Are you interested in
> seeing changes made, trying to make things better, easier, or are you
> hanging on to old feelings.  I knew crusty old sergeants in the army like
> that.  By god, they used a black powder musket in WWII, and we really
> don't need any new weapons.  M-16... yech!!!  I passed it, and I'm proud
> of it.  You passed yours, and I assume you are proud too.  I am happy
> for you, and would hope that you would see this as a chance to get
> more space on HF, hopefully some younger operators too.

I love it.  Anyone with an opinion that doesn't fit yours has to be Boo Hooing.  And
what are you doing besides assailing someone elses opinion?

> > Why not move all current General Class licensees into Class B to recognize their
> > past accomplishments rather than send them back a step and lump them with those
> > who didn't upgrade?
> Who is sending you back a step???  Are you getting frequencies takenaway?  Are you
> being limited on power, mode???  Whats being taken
> away???  Under this proposal, you loose nothing!  You gain some badly
> needed elbow room in the general bands!!!Why not upgrade the Advanced to Extra?
> They don't want to be stuck withthe generals who couldn't pass the advanced
> written.

Why do you assume that because someone is a General class they can't pass the advanced?

> Why not start a new
> class, call it A+, for the Extras who did the 20wpm for real.  Is the Tech+
> any less deserving?  International law requires morse for HF.  It doesn't
> specify speed.  This new idea is in line with the requirements of many countries
> around the world.  I am not for eliminating the code.  Neither do I
> believe that you need a license for a 60 ton truck to drive a VW beetle.
> I understand your resistance to change, and I respect your view.

If this is the way you demonstrate respect, I'd sure hate to see you being sarcastic or
flaming someone.

> I just
> don't see anything or anybody being hurt by this, except stubborn
> feelings hurt cause somebody has it easier now.  Hell, my kids have it
> easier now than I did, what about your kids.  Do they walk to and from
> school, chest deep in snow, and uphill both ways???   (VBG)  :-)
> Wishing you a very fine evening.

Right.  Reminds me of when I was in Law Enforcement, give someone a ticket then tell
them to "Have a nice day". Always loved the looks.

> --
> Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
> kd9kc@whc.net
> The farthest West ham in West Texas.

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