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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

> I listen on 80 and 20 meters and here the same fool mouthed people
> that used to be on the citizen band they have just moved to ham
> because its so easy.

Tell me have you ever heard this in the novice portion of the 10 meter
band??  To be honest I have only once.  When I looked up the call sign
of the parties involved they were extra class hams.  Not Tech+'s.

Personally I think the code should be required but I also think that
becoming and expert at it is totally unecessary particularily when the
internation community is getting rid of it (ie Coast Gaurd, Navy,
Commercial shipping, ect).  Beside it being an international
requirement, why are we concentrating on CW.  The total band space
dedicated to CW seems to be a very small portion of the total spectrum
allocated to amateur radio.  

This is not to say CW is a viable means of communications.  For those
that enjoy it go for it.  I personally beleive that as more people get
on HF many of them will find out how much DX is in the CW portion of
the bands and will be more apt to learn CW and upgrade.  Or maybe they
would get interested in weak signal DX, of some EME work.

But they need some incentive to do it...10 meters at the minimum
sunspot cycle when the band is at it's worse isn't enough.  A year ago
or so I suggested to the ARRL they consider opening all CW bands to
the tech plus thinking the other" hams could help them learn the code.
 Seemed by the time I was free to operate the  novice bands were
either dead (10 & 15M) or covered with International broadcasters (ie
40M) or too noisy (80M) to enjoy it.  I did however hear activity on
20M and 30M.

I would like to see more of the computer and internet technology in
ham radio.  One of my co-workers has a son in a public high school and
he can't get any one interested in ham radio.  They are too busy
communicating on the internet or playing computer games.  Maybe if we
can attract some of these student we could be having test questions
about DSP instead of tubes and transistors.

In closing all the comments here are good but discussing this subject
among ourselves really does very little so please take your comments
to the ARRL as requested.  Also this hobby (to me anyway) is about
learning and having fun whether it be packet, HF, VHF, CW, Satellites,
ATV, SSTV, FM, MIR, SAREX, Balloon launches.....and the list goes on
and on.  There is something for everyone so lets all enjoy it!!


PS for those that would like to read some articles on the CW debate 
check out:

Chuck Gooden N9QBT
Rockford, Illinois
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