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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

Terry_Hines@amway.com wrote:

> I have only been in Ham Radio since February of
> 97 and can't believe how quickly it is going down hill. I listen on 80
> and 20 meters and here the same fool mouthed people that used to be on
> the citizen band they have just moved to ham because its so easy.

When one of those lids IDs, look them up in the callbook.  Those ain't
no code-free techs you're listening to!  They've got to be at least
Generals to be on those freqs at all.  Most of them are Advanced or
Extras and have been licensed for a coon's age.

Personally, I think ham radio started going to hell back when they
started letting people use packet who couldn't copy AFSK at 1200 baud by

Dave Mullenix
Code-Free Tech 6/18/91
General Radiotelephone Operator with Radar Endorsement PG-18-34736 since
First Class Radiotelephone Operator with Radar Endorsement back in 1970
Four years as an Air Force electronic technician.
Four years as a two-way radio technician.
Four years teaching communications and microprocessors.

I'll start learning Morse the day the FCC abolishes the Morse
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