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RE: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

On 22-Jul-98 Boza, Tom wrote:
> I think the easier Code requirements cheapens the ticket.

   It would cheapen the ticket only if CW still continued to offer an important
contribution to the stated goals of the Amateur Service, which are:

    "To provide a trained pool of operators" - the military and commercial
sectors no longer use Morse for "daily", and even emergency operations.

    "To advance the state of the art" - Obviously, CW does absolutely nothing
in that regard.

    "To foster international goodwill and fellowship" - SSB and other digital
modes do just as much in that regard, which pretty much eliminates the
rationale for having a *mode-specific* test that results in a pass or fail of
the exam.

   Now, that being said, CW does have a special place in that it provides a
great deal of personal pleasure to some people - myself included - in being
able to operate in that mode.  Personal pleasure, however, is not a sufficient
reason to permit or deny the use of a Federal license to someone.  

> I like the idea of making the written exams tougher, technically, but I 
> would like to see more questions about proper operating procedure.

   Absolutely, on both counts.  At this point, the written exams are truly a
joke.  They can, and are, easily memorized.  The schematics used on the
Advanced test, for example, are simplistic enough that 4 year olds can parrot
"That diode is for DC blocking" without ever understanding what DC blocking
actually means.  In the larger scheme of things, proper operating practices are
really what affect the daily use of Amateur Radio.  In that context, it makes
sense to concentrate on making sure that people REALLY know how to communicate,
correctly, in any given mode.

- Rich

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