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RE: Re[2]: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

On 22-Jul-98 Terry_Hines@amway.com wrote:
>      What a bunch of s--t. I have only been in Ham Radio since February of
>      97 and can't believe how quickly it is going down hill. I listen on 80
>      and 20 meters and here the same fool mouthed people that used to be on
>      the citizen band they have just moved to ham because its so easy.

   You might want to think about that last statement just a little bit longer.
Listen to 80/75M tonight, and pick out the foulest, rudest, most obnoxious
operators, and record their callsigns.  Now look them up at www.qrz.com, and
find out how long they have been licensed.  You'll find that the worst
offenders got their tickets waaaay back in the "good old days", when the FCC
offered "real" CW and written tests.

   In other words, there has always been a subset of ham operators who act like
scumbags, and if you actually bother to back up unsubstantiated opinions with
some hard facts, you'll find that many of your assumptions are nothing more
than just parroting equally unsubstantiated opinions put forth by other people.

- Rich

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