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Re[2]: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

     I know why don't we let any one with the 5 wpm code and any written
     tests passed have full HF privileges. And for that matter why have so
     many written tests anyway? Just have the Novice test and 5wpm code for
     full HF privileges.  This is even better: Why have code at all it's
     been dropped as an international requirement and all the equipment is
     bought by people requiring no technical knowledge anyway so why take a
     written test.  The FCC and now the ARRL is pushing to deregulate we
     may as well just have anyone wishing to operate on the HF band just
     send the $35.00 membership fee to the ARRL and they can operate any
     where and any way the want as long as they keep their dues paid up.

     What a bunch of s--t. I have only been in Ham Radio since February of
     97 and can't believe how quickly it is going down hill. I listen on 80
     and 20 meters and here the same fool mouthed people that used to be on
     the citizen band they have just moved to ham because its so easy.  I
     went from never hearing CW to 20WPM in 3 months so anyone that says
     the can't learn it will be the same 0's that will not contribute to
     the hobby anyway so why give them the spectrum.  I am only 34 but
     quess I still am from the "old" school where you don't get anything
     for nothing.  The bottom line is the FCC could care less and the ARRL
     is only interested in making a buck.

     Another sad day in site for Ham Radio,

     Terry AB8AL

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] ARRL License Restructuring Proposal
Author:  "Tim Pickett" <t@tir.com> at AMWAY
Date:    7/22/98 3:29 PM

>Why not move all current General Class licensees into Class B to
>past accomplishments rather than send them back a step and lump them
>who didn't upgrade?
>73 de Red

I guess that means ALL the class b hams should automaticly become
class a
also right? By moving general to class b you are doing the same thing
are by moving novice, and tech plus into class c. Look at it this way
are going from 6 classes to 4 classes. 2 classes have to be put
and it wouldn't be fair to make them drop backwards into no-code techs.
Think of it this way also, you never have to take another code test
you can
take 2 writtens, and you are class a. You already passed your 13...


Tim Pickett
Michigan Amsat Area Coordinator

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