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Re: Equatorial LEO

At 09:23 AM 7/22/98 -0400, Stephan Greene wrote:
>I believe the commercial LEO comsat constellatiosn are using a mix of low
>and high inclination orbits to try to provide the most coverage where the
>most demand for their business will be.

This is not true of the Globalstar system.  All 8 planes of satellites are at
52 degrees inclination.  This covers all populated areas but doesn't cover
the polar regions.
Reference: http://www.globalstar.com/system/satellite.htm

It is also not true of the Iridium system.  All 6 planes of satellites are in
near-polar orbits at 86.4 degrees inclination, so as to remain in lock-step
for crosslinking purposes.  Unfortunately, this optimizes coverage for polar
Reference: http://www.iridium.it/en/media/sat-mov3.htm
(This page contains a cool (but large) animation showing the satellites
moving in their orbits.)

73  -Paul

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