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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

Hi Anthony,

> I think lowering the competency requirement is not good. It will have a
> negative impact on the quality of operator.

I agree with you.

When I started our club, I wanted to attract members. I gave away
books, tapes, time, keys to the drawers, more. I started out with
$10/year dues, but dropped that to $5. I wanted to attract people, but
the "people" who appeared were dead weight. They would show up and
tell me what "somebody" ought to do, then go home. Even the hams who
joined did very little. 

This year I pushed to increase the dues to $10/semester = $30/year. I
quit advertizing the club, figuring that interested people will find us
(how can you miss the antennas?). An objection was that "we want to
attract people". My response was that we do NOT want to attract people.
We need active members! 

It's amazing how fast the interested people paid up in full - when most
failed to pay the $5 for last year. We are active like never before. We
sense that we are responsible, that things only get done if we do them.
And we have had some exciting events and projects this year. We will even
be in an upcoming QST! I signed the release last week. 

Give aways satisfy the whining mob, but buy us nothing but a burden. I say
we should keep our standards high, or raise them! 

To H##@ with "simplify". 


       Daniel B. Mills, N8PPQ/W8GVU

		<http://www2.gvsu.edu/~millsd> / <.../~w8gvu>

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