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Re: ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

The current ARRL Proposal from a different perspective.

	>The proposal eliminates the 13 and 20 wpm Morse code requirement
	  for General, Advance, and Extra license's.

	> Reduces  Morse code requirement for Advance from 13 wpm to 12 	

	> Reduces the General Class Morse code requirement from 13  wpm
to 	   5 wpm.

	>  Gives Novice,Tech. + voice HF privileges.

	> Expands the HF Band operating spectrum for all calls except
Class A
	   or Extra Class. Reduces CW spectrum

	> It gives all the Advance Class operators the opportunity to
upgrade to 	   Class A or Extra with just a written test. No code
additional code 	   requirement IE: 20 wpm not needed.


	In this day and age of local school districts, state and national
education policies makers raising a stink about National Testing
standards in our public school system. The ARRL policy makers find it
necessary to reduce and eliminate standards for  Amateur Radio. What has
happened is the rule makers have compressed the window of competency and
skill requirements to keep Ham radio alive. 

	When the NO-Code Tech license was proposed the concern was the
VHF-UHF bands and the lack of use of 220Mhz., 440 Mhz. 1.2 Ghz.. In 1992
there was a massive migration of Citizen Band want to be Hams entered the
2 meter band. At that time Amateur Radio was enjoying a 10 % growth rate
for Tech's and higher. Even then the bands were busy with activity and

The KNOW Code Tech had interest in up-grading. Many No-code Tech's did up
grade and the system worked.

Now here we go again lets lower the competency bar really jam up the HF
Spectrum especially with the next Sun spot cycle around the corner. 

I have something to gain from this proposed rule change. In fact the
majority of current hams are no-code Tech's they have everything to gain.

I earned my ticket the old fashion way... I earned it!  From Novice on up
to Advance.
I think lowering the competency requirement is not good. It will have a
negative impact on the quality of operator.

Just a few thoughts from an educators point of view. No one has to accept
them only respect them, please. :)

Tony KF2EZ

Co-Trustee and Owner of the 147.105 MHZ. Repeater Syracuse, NY
B.S. Degree- Vocational-Technical Education
Graduate from State University of New York College at Oswego, NY

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