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Fwd: KLM antennas..

Guess I had better post to all, as I had only posted to Daniel.  Questions
keep arising, on these antennas.

Daniel, I have the KLM antennas and love them.   On the 2M antenna, drill a
hole through the antenna plate and on through the mast. Put a bolt through the
hole and secure. Be sure to silicone the hole good.  Also be sure you have a
wooden dowel rod inside the fiberglass mast, all the way across the boom for
strength and support.  The dowel rod should be siliconed in also.  On the 440
antenna, build a small aluminum right angle bracket.   Lay it against the side
of the antenna and sheet metal screw it to the toothed u bold cradle.  Also
run a wood screw through the angle bracket to the boom.  This should stop the
As far as gain with the circular polarity.  DO NOT base anything on land based
repeater sites or simplex contacts.  These antennas won't perform as well as a
good Diamond ground plane.  However they are unsurpassed in space performance.
The circular polarity costs gain locally but are the best with moving space
Hope this helps.
Don Ferguson   N0ZWC

PS Feel free to email me with further questions.