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Equipment for OSCAR 10 use ?

Hi , I am new to satellites.So far I have worked thru RS12m and logged 
on to the
MIR BBS. I would like to use OSCAR 10 which I think is geostationary. 
I have just got
An FT847 with 50W on 2m and 70cm and 100w on 29MHz. I do not have alot 
of room
For antennas but a company in England has just started advertising a 
log periodic which
Has 8dB gain on 2 and 70cm. Is this antenna good enough or do I need 
separate antennas
With more gain. Any advice would be much appreciated.
My QTH is Burgess Hill in the County of West Sussex (10miles north of 
73s de Darren G4VTQ......
Tel 01403 214411
Fax 01403 214420
Email darren.rainer@eyretel.com

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