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Programming for the soundcard

Okay, everyone raves about how helpful the AMSAT list can be.
I've got a good, possibly challenging question I think:
I'd like to be able to write some software for the PC platform that
would measure and display the frequency of steady audio tone telemetry
(slowly changing actually, but sustained rather than quick bursts)
received from our ham radio balloons.  I'd like to use the soundcard that
many folks already have in their computers.  This is in response to
popular demand in that I have the test gear to do this without a
computer, but many hams don't.
It would be most preferable to be able to write my own rather than
use any stock existing share/freeware because of the ability to tailor
the program to this exact application.
Any software tinkerers that could tell me where to look for soundcard
specific programming, or offer even more concrete advice/guidance?
I have located one web page that has some info, but it would be terrific
if someone who has actually done this could help out directly.  Hope this
has provided enough basic info; I can supply more details in email.
Hank Riley
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