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ARRL License Restructuring Proposal

Not exactly satellite in scope, but....

Has anyone else heard of the ARRL's proposed license restructuring, and 
if so, what do you think of it, in relationship to satelliting(to coin a 

Basically, the proposal would replace the current license structure with 
four new license classes:

 Class D - Current Technician privileges.

 Class C - Current Novice, Tech+, and General privileges, 5 wpm CW.

 Class B - Current Advanced Privileges, 12 wpm CW.

 Class A - Current Extra privileges, no additional CW beyond 12 wpm.

Each class would require beefed up written exams from present. Also, 
current licenses would roll into the new ones with no loss of current 
privileges. There would also be some additional band width added to each 

I think the names could be a little more descriptive, and the testing 
for Class D(Tech equivalent)shouldn't be beefed up to the point that 
young Hams-to-be can't pass the test, but in general it seems to be a 
workable system. It would definitely simplify the current structure, and 
I also think it would eliminate a lot of the arguments about 
code/no-code HF privileges(5 wpm isn't all THAT impossible for most 

Any other thoughts?

Full details on ARRL's web page - www.arrl.org.

  72 de N8PVZ


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