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Re: KLM antennas..

From: Robson Gomes@MLX on 21/07/98 17:54

Daniel B. Mills, N8PPQ/W8GVU wrote:

>I have had some trouble with the KLM antennas our club bought. I am
>disappointed because I thought we were getting the very best
>commercial antennas available for 2m/440 work. This may still be true,
>but I expected them to be perfect and am finding out that they are not.
>In fact, they seem to have some very obvious and troublesome design
>problems. Maybe someone has overcome these problems and can advise me.


I have been using the KLM 2m (14 el) and 440 (18 el) circular pol. antennas
since several years with no problem. My setup is a 4 m tower on top
of a 8 floor condo building. They are mounted on a horizontal fiber
boom quite thick,almost the maximum diameter that fits the Yaesu elevation
rotor. I have wired the pol switch on both antennas but seldom use it,
anyway I didnt noticed any problem with them and they seem to to change
the polarization.
I have operated Oscar 13, MIR phone and packet, FO-29 and Oscar 10 with
this set up.
I see only a mechanical problem on my fiber boom, with time it bents
and seems that can brake at any time, but its there...

73 de Robson - PY1DGV

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