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KLM antennas..

Hi people..

I have had some trouble with the KLM antennas our club bought. I am
disappointed because I thought we were getting the very best
commercial antennas available for 2m/440 work. This may still be true,
but I expected them to be perfect and am finding out that they are not.
In fact, they seem to have some very obvious and troublesome design
problems. Maybe someone has overcome these problems and can advise me. 

The worst problem has to do with the way that the antennas are fixed to 
the cross mast. The antennas are very long, so forces from wind, coax,
etc. exert great torque at the mast. Tightening the U-bolts flattens the
antenna boom. I cut a pipe to use as a saddle, distributing the force a
little better, but I have not solved the problem. I have not been able to
secure the antennas to the mast - each windy day leaves our antennas
twisted at weird looking angles. It's embarrassing because the whole
university sees them up there on the roof. 

The other problem may not be a problem at all - I'm new to this. But when
I plug in the RCA feed for DC, (polarity switch) signals from local
repeaters are greatly attenuated. This happens whether or not the +9 VDC
is applied. What is wrong??

We would appreciate any help you might have to pass along. 

   73  (International Morse Code abbreviation for "Best Regards")

       Daniel B. Mills, N8PPQ/W8GVU

		<http://www2.gvsu.edu/~millsd> / <.../~w8gvu>

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