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Thanks & I did it!!!

I wanted to thank all who responded to my question about contacting Mir.
Last night at approx 10:43PM CDT and then at approx 11:45PMCDT I connected
to R0MIR-1 <grin>.

This was quite an experience for me! The equipment used was as follows:

HP200LX Palmtop PC
FT50R 5 watt HT
Bay Comm Software
BayPac Modem
Coat Hanger Antenna (SO-239 with the 5 coat hangers attached)

To be able to connect with such a minimal amount of equipment absolutely
astounds me! I was wondering if anyone else would be kind enough to leave me
a mail message on R0MIR-1, it would be ever so cool to pick-up a mail
message from there.

Now that I've got my feet wet, are the any other amsats I can connect using
FM equipment?

Once again, thank you to all who guided me in the right direction!!!


    |Jeff Johns - Reserve Patrol Captain - Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept|
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