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AO-10 dx


Ok, P3D is yet on the ground but meanwhile
we have to have fun with the others left...
I know they aren't much if you are looking for phone/cw contact. 
And if you are looking for "world dx", they are even less...
Only one, to be true (AO-10)! It's a "tricky" bird, 
but with that age we must show some respect, right?

That's why we have to enjoy every oportunity it gaves us!
Besides it only works when "it wants",
in my particular case (with 40w, 11+11 RHCP uplink
8 elem VERTICAL pol. downlink, no pre-amp)
I only can work it when is less than 20000Km away!
If you add the "TVI factor", due that I only can work it 
after 0000z (to avoid problems with my neighbourhood).
So, now you can imagine how many oportunities I have to
work AO-10...

Well, tonigh I had one of those rare oportunities (0005z-0105z)!
Looking at IT map, I could work any station 
from North America to Tierra del Fuego, including
all the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific ocean! Great...
Only I spent 1 hour calling and made 7 qso's
(all state side, and among them my first W6). 
It was good, but I was looking for more...

That window conditions will remain the same the next few day's, 
so please, can you give AO-10 (and me) a chance???

See you on THE satellite!!!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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