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Perennial Cross Boom Material Question

Greetings.  I am putting my 2m/70cm station back together and want to
upgrade from my old closet pole wooden cross boom.  I'd like to separate
the antennas by 10-12 feet with a non-conducting boom that will fit through
the Yaesu elevation rotor (1-5/8" O.D. pipe).  For antenna servicing I'd
like to slide the boom through the rotor until the one end of the boom is
in near the tower.  That means I need the boom to have enough strength to
support a 22cx and coax when cantilevered out ten feet.  

Can anyone make suggestions on materials and sources for same?  Perhaps a
fiberglass or epoxy tubing?  If a source in New England is available, it'll
save on shipping too! The local piping supply yard up here only has typical
construction materials Polyethylene and PVC which I don't consider to be
rigid enough.



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