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RE: WX sat rcv

For the 137 MHz sats, I use a cheap Radio Shack PRO-508 scanner with the
455 ceramic IF filter removed and repalced with a .01 mF cap. Works, but
since it tunes in 5kHz increments, it has some trouble with the early and
late part of passes where Doppler is over 2.5 KHz. I generally leave it set
on frequency, unattended, and accept the first and last minute or 2 to be
snowy. The antenna is a homebrew (of course) quadrifilar helix with a
GaAsFET preamp up on the pole. Turns out the preamp and 75 feet of RG58 is
too hot for the scanner; I have to use a 15db attenuator in front of the
scanner to keep from simply blowing the scanner's front end away when
signals are strong. A sound card does the rest. Pretty simple.

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