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Re: P3D Modes

Hi, David.
   P3D will not have "modes" in the sense that other satellites have
modes. There is a detailed description in a booklet I edited for
AMSAT-NA that is available from them at a modest price.
  The essence of the difference is that all of the receivers and
transmitters on P3D operate at a common IF frequency. At this IF
frequency, (nearly) all of the transmitters and receivers enter
a single matrix switch called the IF Matrix. Commands from the
ground *can* hook any combination of receivers to any combination
of transmitters to define what would correspond to the 'mode' of the
satellite. Thus, you could have signals received in the 432 and 1200
MHz bands *simultaneously* be transponded to 144 and 2.4 GHz. Thus,
ground stations transmitting on 432 or 1200 could be heard by 
stations set up to receive *either* 144 or 2.4 GHz.
  All this is, of course, contingent on power requirements for the
transmitters, QRM being received, and a host of other factors
taken into account by the governing board for the satellite that 
gives the control stations their priority list. The governing board
is made up of the major contributor organizations to P3D. And,
finally, given the priority list from the board, the control stations'
primary responsibility (duty) is to the health and welfare of the
  Get the booklet. P3D is really quite a bird!

Best 73's
--Paul J. Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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