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P3D Modes

Hi Folks.

I would like to begin the assembly of a station for use with P3D, whenever
it manages to get aloft.  I'm primarily interested in analog transponder
work on the "upper" band modes, using 440MHz, 1.2GHz, and 2.4GHz (the
smaller antenna sizes are appealing), although I wouldn't rule out playing
with some digital stuff down the road.

I'm trying to determine which modes P3D will support.  I've searched the
www.amsat.org site, and have found the list of final freq's, but nothing
that tells me which modes will be commonly in use.

I already have a FT736R (and a 100 watt 440MHz amp), and am considering
springing for either the 1.2GHz module or a 2.4GHz/144MHz downconverter
(such as the UEK-2000 S from SSB Electronics).  I've also collected a
couple of aluminum parabolic dishes, about 2 ft in diameter, which I'm
hoping will turn out to be useful for home-brewing antennas (I believe one
already has a supposedly 1.2GHz-ish element on it).

Any hints on what will be the popular modes?  Comments on equipment?  Any
advice is appreciated.

David, n0oxh
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