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TMSAT1 report


For a person who recently join pacsat's,
the fact of seeing two new birds become alive,
is realy a unique experience!

I've been tracking TMSAT since lunch and today (at 21.55z), 
after software upload, I was able to "see" it on Wisp!
It is realy wierd to se a pacsat with a empty queue over europe :)
SHUT msg was on, Msg 7 was heard, but all I got from telemetry was:

Battery Sub. Mux. 1.4V

Is this the only thing we can monitor??? I guess not. 
So, what am I doing wrong? 
(BTW, I don't have DTLM. I'm using WISP-TLM with TMSAT1 equations)

Congratulations to all TMSAT team for the new bird!

Best 73 
F.Costa, CT1EAT

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