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Re: More: TMSAT Status

> Norm McMillan writes:
> > >TMSAT-1
> > >1 25395U 98043B   98191.87373682 -.00000045  00000-0  00000+0 0    24
> > >2 25395  98.7944 261.8948 0001516   6.1903 313.0257 14.22263117    96
> >  Ok, so when I load these into Instantrack I get the "mon 10 line checksum
> > failed message. When compared to other elsets the checksum even looks
> > wrong. Am I stupid and missing something... it has been a long day?
> I got that as well. The numbers are in the right place, but some bits that
> our favourite software looks for aren't there. I hand-typed the elements
> in ... that will suffice until some "proper" elements come out.
Rest of message delete by K7RR:
      I'd always had difficulty with the two line elements in IT.  There
is a patch available to aid this situation but it did not work for me.
As you, I've had to put elements in by hand.
      No signals heard here in Central Calif at the 1806 and 1947 UTC
passes.      ---------- Cliff K7RR

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