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TAPR EVM56002 Interface boards and Enclosure Kit

Introducing the TAPR EVM56002 Interface boards and Enclosure Kit

TAPR is now taking orders for the first round of EVM56002 Interface with
enclosure kits until September 15th.

This kit provides:
	An EVM Interface Board Kit and Enclosure for the Motorola EVM56002
	All parts - including screws and standoffs
	Schematics and Documentation (Assembly and Operations)

	A Motorola EVM56002 (DSP) Interface board ** IS NOT INCLUDED **

The interface kit has been discussed for about the last year, with a group
coming forward late in 1997 to complete the design process.  PSR Issue #69,
Winter 1998, has the full description with photos.  Current information on
the kit is now available at http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/dsp56002evm.html

This design of the radio interface for the Motorola DSP56002EVM is based on
Johan Forrer's, KC7WW, original design.  In February 1997, Douglas Braun,
N1OWU, released his software suite for the EVM, based on the Finnish Alef
Null groups work, and revised his interface to be more flexible than
Johan's.  The TAPR interface is a happy medium between Johan's and Doug's
design.  The goal is to make the interface flexible for past and present
code developed for the EVM and to create a flexible programming interface
for future programmers.

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