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Odp: Im looking for help.

-----Wiadomośæ oryginalna-----
Od: Russ Tillman <kc5jvb@magnolia.net>
Do: Rafal Grygorowicz <sp9vfd@polbox.com>
DW: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.org>
Data: 6 lipca 1998 00:24
Temat: Re: Im looking for help.

>Hi Rafal:
>Rafal Grygorowicz wrote:
>> Hi evrybody, Im interested the new fucture satellite P3D,which will
>> probably work with 2300Mhz downlik.
>>  Im loking simple schematic of the 2300/432 or 2300/144 converter,
>> based on typical transistors and elements. Iwould like to make home
>> it. Also Im looking a schematic of good antenas for 2300Mhz.
>>  If anybody know something about, plese give me the info.
>Over the past years, we have run several 2300/435/144 converter articles
>in The AMSAT Journal.  Send me your mailing address and I will be glad
>forward copies of the articles to you.
>Russ Tillman, K5NRK
>AMSAT Journal Editor

Hi Russ!

   I would like to thank you for yours message .If itsnt a problem for you
please send me a  few article about 2300/432/144 converters and 2300 mhz

   This is my e-mail adress:


    and its my home adress:

              Rafal Grygorowicz
              Ul. ORKANA 18F/37
              34-700 RABKA

   and please give me info about the "AMSAT journal", how about cost and how
about subscribe for Poland.

    Im sorry but my english isnt so good.Im learn something in the home.

    Im using homemade eqipment for 144 and 432, and I would like also to
make 2300Mhz converter in home.

                    Thank you Russ

                 73 and many satellite DX


                   Rafal  SP9VFD

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