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FT-790R Keying Problem

Greetings to all,

I currently have a very frustrating keying problem with my FT-790R 70 cm
radio.  Whenever I go to the CW mode the keying becomes intermittent. 
There is no rhyme or reason when it becomes intermittent.  It may do so
with the very first character I try to send or, on the other hand it may
operate normally for 15 or 20 minutes.  It's very definately a radio
problem and not a bad key contact or lead.  I use a small interface
device between my 2 m. (FT-290R) radio and the FT-790 to switch instantly
from Mode B to Mode J.  When using the FT-290 as the up link radio the
same key is used and it keys that radio quite normally for whatever time
I need it to do so.  I've also eliminated the interface device and all
associated leads and tried keying the FT-790 directly but with the same
intermittent results.  Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.  With my QRP and modest antenna arrays, CW is the
only dependable mode I can use on AO-10.

Thanks much in advance.  73  Frank, K0BLT  DN81kq West NE

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