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Re: Mir News

This looks like pure garbage to me.  I would like substantial evidence
before going any further with this.  I supposed with the idiots that now
are in control, I've been had, but I will not admit this readily!
Cliff K7RR

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Jim Dawdy wrote:

> MOSCOW--Citing safety concerns as well as the importance of proper
> craftsmanship, Russian Space Agency officials announced Tuesday a
> delay of at least six months before carving is completed on the newest
> Russian space station.
> "The two-by-four frame which forms the station's primary airlock is
> still in the clamps and hasn't even been sanded yet," said Russian
> Space Agency director-general Yuri Koptev, explaining the delay.
> "There are also a number of key navigational instruments which we have
> not yet begun to whittle."
> Originally scheduled for completion this month, the new station ran
> into difficulties on June 2, when several nails came loose during a
> routine docking exercise, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the
> space station's guidance system and badly injured cosmonaut
> Nikolai Budarin. The malfunction, which also caused serious damage to
> the station's steering thruster, was traced to faulty hammering.
> "The nails were not hammered in straight," Koptev said. "We will pull
> them all out and do it again."
> Another major setback occurred just two days later, when a pair of
> vagrants jimmied open the lock on the space station's main entry hatch
> and spent the night in it.
> "They urinated all over the place," chief engineer Talgat Musabayev
> said. "This created serious problems, as the floor had not yet been
> varnished and sealed, so the urine soaked through and caused a
> terrible smell. I cannot go in the space station now without covering
> my nose."
> Musabayev said the agency has requested $3 in additional funding from
> the Russian government to purchase a pine-scented bathroom spray to
> combat the urine odor, but the request has not yet been approved.
> Despite his frustration, Koptev said the setbacks have taught Russian
> Space Agency officials much about the construction and maintenance of
> space environments, knowledge which will help them greatly in future
> missions. "We may decide to work with clay in the
> future, so that even if we make many mistakes, we can correct them
> before the final firing," he said.
> Another breakthrough for the Russian team was last week's discovery of
> rigid, circular devices that facilitate the transportation of heavy
> items. "We used to carry all of our components many miles to the space
> center in our arms," Koptev said. "But now, by affixing
> these round devices to boxes and baskets, we can transport items with
> far greater ease."
> For reasons of national security, Koptev declined to elaborate on the
> specifics of the device.
> Source: http://www.theonion.com/onion3323/russianstation.html
> Disclaimer: All in good fun folks.  I am actually a big fan of the
> Russian space program.
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